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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sit with them during treatment?

We ask that parents remain in the waiting room during operative appointments so clear communication can be made between the Dr. and your child.


Here is how we comfort them:


  • Trained staff to hold their hands.

  • TV (with Netflix!) on the ceiling.

  • Procedures explained step-by-step.

  • Glassdoor so you can check in at any time.

Will they be numb?

Most procedures will require anesthesia. We apply local anesthesia in a two-step method:


  1. Topical anesthesia gel via a cotton tip applicator ("jelly")

  2. Lidocaine is injected ("a pinch")

We ask that you avoid talking too much about this subject with your child prior to their visit.

What if my child is really nervous?

Don't worry, we have options to help. We offer nitrous (laughing gas) for patients 3 or older. Most often nitrous is not a covered benefit.



What types of treatment may be done?

Small cavities will be restored with composite "tooth colored fillings". If the decay is deep the tooth may need a nerve treatment and a crown. We offer 2 types of crowns:

Stainless steel (silver) only used fo back teeth.

Zirconia (white) used for all front teeth. They can be used for back teeth but may not be a covered benefit.

We do our best to give an accurate treatment plan, however things can change . We will inform you of any changes in treatment if they occur. Cavities only get larger over time so it is best to have treatment completed ASAP.

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